What the Hell is this?

UPDATED @ 04-03-2008 @ 9.03PM

Press statement from Husam Musa in response to the cancellation of use of indelible ink.

HarakahDaily.Net, timestamped 7.12PM

Batal dakwat kuku: Bertenang dan tingkat usaha untuk menang

Abdul Halim Mohd Rashid

Tue | Mar 04, 08 | 7:12:42 pm

KOTA BHARU, 4 Mac (Hrkh) - Sambil menyifatkan pengumuman Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) membatalkan penggunaan dakwat pada kuku dalam pilihan raya umum 8 Mac ini bukan sesuatu yang memeranjatkan, Naib Presiden PAS, Datuk Haji Husam Musa meminta ahli-ahli dan para penyokong parti-parti pembangkang terus memberikan tumpuan kepada kerja-kerja pilihan raya.

"Bertenang dan tingkatkan tumpuan untuk mencapai kemenangan," kata beliau.

Ditanya mengenai tuduhan bahawa Barisan Nasional (BN) telah mencetak ribuan t-shirt Bersih dan dipercayai akan digunakan untuk mencetuskan huru-hara dalam pilihan raya ini, Husam tidak menolak kemungkinan berlakunya tindakan itu.

Beliau meminta semua ahli dan penyokong pembangkang berhati-hati dan jangan terpedaya dengan sebarang provokasi.

"Sebelum keputusan pilihan raya diumumkan, kita hanya mengambil bahagian dalam pilihan raya. Itu sahaja," tegas beliau.

Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) hari ini membatalkan cadangan menggunakan tanda dakwat kekal di kuku atau jari tangan pengundi pada pilihan raya umum Sabtu ini.

Pengerusinya Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman ketika mengumumkan perkara itu mendakwa, keputusan itu dibuat pada mesyuarat hari ini berasaskan nasihat dari segi perundangan serta aspek ketenteraman dan keselamatan awam.

This is certainly too much.

Original Posting

Breaking news. The Star, timestamped 5.55PM.


PUTRAJAYA: The Election Commission has cancelled the use of indelible ink in polling this Saturday, citing public order and security reasons.

Its chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman said following a meeting held Tuesday, the EC was obliged to make a firm and final decision to ensure the smooth conduct of the 12th general election.

He said provisions to the law needed if the ink was to be used still could not affect the constitutional right of a voter to cast his vote, even a person whose fingernail had been marked with indelible ink or one who refuses to have his or her fingernail marked this way.

"From a practical point of view, the issuance of a ballot paper to such a voter would render the EC's proposal meaningless and will not bring about a positive result, whilst having the potential to create misunderstanding as well as altercations and arguments at polling stations," he said.

The Federal Constitution gives you the right to vote, and a black mark on your fingernail should not bar you from exercising this right, he said.

Abdul Rashid said there were also reports made to the police confirming that certain irresponsible quarters had purchased indelible ink from abroad with the intention of creating confusion and suspicion as to the status of voters.

"The EC views these issues seriously as the election process and public order and security cannot be compromised," he said.

The use of indelible ink was first proposed last June to safeguard against multiple or phantom voting. Abdul Rashid then said that the system would be subject to amendments to the Election (Conduct of Election) Regulation 1981.

He said indelible ink had been chosen over other measures, such as a biometric system working off the MyKad (chip-based identity card carried by all Malaysians above the age of 12) because such such smartcard readers would have cost about RM60,000 each, and every voting stream would have to be equipped with one. Using such a system would have cost in excess of RM30mil. The commission bought about 47,000 bottles of the indelible ink, manufactured in India, for RM2mil.

Seriously, what the hell is this? What is happening in this country?

First, they suggested indelible ink;
Then they got the fatwa to confirm that it is OK;
Then they went ahead to import/purchase from India (for RM2.0million and I kid you not);
now they announced that they were scrapping the idea.

I thought it was only yesterday they said that the ink have been despatched to state voting centres.

Prior to the nomination day, the EC came with the ruling on the need of stamping on the statutory declaration for the contestants to comply. After much noise and objections, the EC retract the ruling.

Is the ruling party too afraid of taking the opposition head on fairly?.

Is this something got to do with some of the allegation of potential vote rigging exposed by Husam?.


wan said…
dan mereka kata mereka ADIL, AMAN, SELAMAT

truely Boleh Land
pB said…
lawan tetap lawan

janji kita usaha dan jalan yang kita ambil tu betul dan lurus

ngundi DUN mana?
PB: Ngundi Parlimen Ampang; DUN Bukit Antarabangsa.
Kak Teh said…
hmmm, the ink! But let me say this - i like your banner!
KakTeh: Thanks, may not be as advance as yours though.
~ahni~ said…
Wahhhh... di sini rajin meng-update ya... awat tunjuk pungkog pulak anak2 OS ni.. tak pa lah, creative....
CikAHNI: rajin update? sambung azam tahun lepas.

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