Anything new?

Finally I have the courage to tweak the header of my blog!.


The picture shows the kids sitting at our very own 'wakaf' while eating watermelon. From left is Kak Ngah, Akid, Kak Chik, Kak Long and Abang Akmal.


Two special dates.

2nd of February is my wedding anniversary. Yesterday marked our 11th Anniversary. AlhamdulilLah.

3rd of February is the birthday of my second daughter. Today Kak Ngah celebrated her 9th birthday anniversary. AlhamdulilLah.

AlhamdulilLah wa SyukurilLah.


sya said…
Wah cute gambar tu..mesti riuh rumah sebab sumenya kenit2 aje.. aduhai kak sya miss masa anak2 kak sya besar cam anak OSH. Enjoy the noisiness, laughter and cries sebab tak sampai 10 yrs lagik semuanya akan terasa sunyi.

Happy anniversary to you and ur wife.

Happy Birthday to Angah also..
K'Sya: Thank you. I am trying hard to spend quality time with the kids. Hopefully I won't fail them

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