Today is the 7th day of the 7th month in the 7th year of the new milenium.

When I came back from office last nite, abang akmal showed me his new remote control car. So this morning he woke up early and asked me to accompany him playing his new toy at the vacant space at the community hall next to my house.

Kak chik got herself a new bag to show. Now that she has been going to school for the last 3 weeks, her Ibu finally bought her the bag as promised.


Looking back, where were you in life on this date ten years ago? Twenty years ago? Thirty years ago?

070797 - I was just started my career as a 'loyer' after being called to the bar about two years before that. Just got married. No kids yet.

070787 - I was doing my matriculation course at a boarding school in Kelantan. It was hell but it was an important milestone of my life. At that time there was nothing else in my mind but to get good grades and get admission to do medicine at a local university. Now let me confess, my childhood ambition was to become a doctor!

070777 - Probably running around the house without a care of the world. I was in primary two, afternoon session.


UglyButAdorable said…

baru nak masuk 2 tahun...best time of our life ehh..nothing to care in the world..cry and everyone is at your summone...aaaa..wht a life


std 6..all girls school gangster..hehh...hehhh... tgh sibuk main galah panjang every recess time.. walaupun stress pasal studies but life was cool..

2nd year into my job in the airfreight industry...hectic industry...already in the 4th year of my relationship with mr S..

still single but quoting akula..not lonely..the best is yet to come insya Allah...
CikAdorable: yes, the best is yet to come, but it surely will happen in your life...InshaAllah.
Helena said…

Penat with kids activities. Luckily hubby is around so dia jadi driver ferrying them around.


I just started work at my current company and really loved the work environment!


Doing my A levels and tengah enjoy life to the fullest. Hehe.


In std 2, in a Convent school.
pB said…
baru masuk lima tahun.
dok main tang ke tung , tang ke tung gan kwn kwn kat ladang kelapa sawit

SRP tahun nie.

Tahun ni , dah ada anak dua.

Tahun ni, anak dah empat
Helena: waah, sama Sixty Niners ke?

PB: '97 dah anak dua, advance sungguh.
Kak Teh said…
OSH, I will not join in this tag - will sound so ancient!thanks for bringing my attention to this.
KakTeh: mmmm, it was never meant to be a tag in the first place. :)
Helena said…
OSH, you pun sixty niners ke? yele, pb ni advance. Helena pun ada 2 kids masa 1997.
~ahni~ said…
Baru 4 tahun lebih (besday bulan 9 mah). Entah buat apa la kat rumah tu.. anak sulong.

Form 4 kat MRSM - first time dok hostel. Rindu kat family and best friends dari sekolah sebelum tu.

Baru anak sorang, umur 2 bulan. Belum habih pantang lagi ni. Happy dah jadi ibu.

Still blurr in life baik rohani mahupun jasmani.
Masalah inferiority complex, obesity, financial and what not.
Syukur kerana ada family yang bahagia. Ada kerjaya. Badan sihat.
Helena: yes, me sixty niners too.

AHNI: syukur. Good health is wealth.
Anonymous said…
Nice entry. sblm ni baca jer kali ni nak join commenting.

belum lahir lagik. probably in the process kot. hehehehe

baru masuk std 3. pretty much spoiled brat yg mengamuk bila tak dpt apa yg dikehendaki.

Couldn't remember whether still in matriculation or dah masuk main campus. I think baru masuk main campus kot.

Into my fourth month of my new job. Life is good, less stressful.
Anon: Thanks for joining the fun.

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