I saw my friend on his bicycle riding to his office somewhere near Jalan Sultan Ismail this morning. Upon reaching office, I SMS'ed him.

ME: Bro, saw u on d bike this morning. Congrats.....but I hv to say this.....u need to lose some more pounds! Hah ha ha too much flesh is...........gross!

Shortly afterwards, he replied

FRIEND: bet u enjoyed the view of my cute ass.....esok main bola?

ME: Like I said, too much of flesh is gross! Nasib baik belum stat puasa. Yes, esok aku main futsal.

FRIEND: cisss, sebelum raya mung kena mintak maaf dgn aku.

Hah ha ha what a way to start a day.


shafarina said…
:D funny lor, tp salute le determination dia utk berbasikal tu

mm.. flesh byk takpe.. jgn hairy.. ueewww :)

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