The Weekend Before


When you have 'freelance' grass cutters stopped by at your house every other hour during weekends, then you know it was time for you to lift your lazy butts and cut the grass on your compound by yourself.

Certainly it's more satisfying.


To celebrate(?) the generosity of the State of Selangor giving free water for the first 20 qubic metres, my kids and I decided to have fun and wash.......our bicycles together!
Even Akid was busy washing Baba's bike.


Erm, I'm in need of a grasscutter. Was thinking of doing it tomorrow before putting up the jumping cushion. But since I am in no shape to do so now, would you like to come over and do it for me?
pB said…
salam ...

sonok tengok budokbudok maing ayer nie ...
McBudu said…
How I wish they give 200 cubic meter FREE, I could wash cars daily!
bunga rampai said…
Melihat gambar-gambar itu menggembirakan saya ...

Tak minta tolong anak-anak cuci kereta?

Salam :)
Kak Teh said…
can freelance grasscutter come and do my lawn?
Ailin: apologies, lama tak singgah your blog. Hope you are well.

PB: aktiviti bersama anak2 memang best.

McB: 200 cubic meters? may be they could do that if they could unwind the water concession. :(
CikRampai: Cuci kereta? Nak jimat kena lah tunggu paip air tepi jalan pecah dulu.

KakTeh: Upload the pic of your lawn. Kita potong rumput virtually boleh?

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