Oooops! I did it again....!

Yess, I did it again. **smack on the forehead**

I have tight schedules today so this morning I after the normal salam, kiss kiss and love you(s) with the kids and wife, I rushed out of the house to beat the traffic. Didn't even have time to eat anything on the breakfast table.

Need to rush to the office, get some documents printed then rush to meetings. One at 9.00 and another at 10.00 in the morning. Another two meetings scheduled after the Friday prayer. Nothing else was in my head. Very focussed with the plannings in my head. Print the documents, rush to the first meeting, fifteen minutes before 10.00 a.m. I would ask to be excused, then to rush for the second meeting which would probably last until 12.30 at noon, get a quick bite then rush for prayer. After that, to rush for the third meeting and finally back to the office for the last meeting.

Then while I was about to leave office for the first meeting, this SMS came in,

Happy 10th A'vsary. Luv u so much. [8.52 AM]
Alamaak, lupa lagi da!

Dah lah last year dah lupa.


~ahni~ said…
Oh My God,
OS, please immediately put a reminder in you PDA/handphone for next year. Letak reminder 6.00 am ke 7.00 am ke...

Aduss... takpe, belikan diamond ring har har har
Ibu said…
Askum OSH.

Dropping by to alert you that you've been tagged. Have time, singgah my blog.

p/s Itu handphone can boleh set reminder for important dates? Tapi bagus jugak u terlupa. She now has one good reason to expect one good present from you. HAHAHA
lieawulf said…
alamak inchik, kenapa boleh lupa??kwang3..

so, did your present makes her hepi?? ;) what did u get for her??
Mak Andeh said…
Aiyaaa...itu 2 meeting boleh ingat, anniversary pun boleh lupa kah ?


Set reminder kat PDA la Bro - and make sure you alert your secretary to remind you a week in advance.

p/s kalau nak senang cerita, have a standing instruction kat florist for the important dates.
Helena said…
Sah2 kena beli present yang power sikit... kalau tak seminggule kena jeling...... hehe

BTW, how did it go? candlelight dinner?
pB said…

moga byk lagi tahun yang tiba utk diraikan bersama isteri tercinta
Ku Keng said…
Please call me. Tuesday Morning.
sya said…
Laaa siannya... letaklah reminder dlm hp mesti tiap2 tahun ingat anyway Happy Anniversary
anggerik merah said…
Happy belated 9th b'day to kak long. Insyaallah she will grow up to be a wonderful woman.

Happy anniversary to baba & ibu. Didoakan semuga dipanjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki untuk bersama-sama for many many years ahead. AMIN.
AuntyN said…
I think this is typical male attitude lah (Jangan marah no?) My hubby is the same tak pernah ingat, bila kita mention baru dia kata dia ingat (pura2 ingat lah tu hehehe) So now AN pun buat2 lupa sajalah.

I hope you made up with the diomand ring like ahni's suggestion :-)
Kak Teh said…
hmmm, i thought i was reading last year's post!
UglyButAdorable said…
oucchhh...walaupun belum berkhawin..tetapi saya juga perempuan..adussss...
bunga rampai said…

tsk, tsk, tsk...sibuk betul ya sampai terlupa hari yang bersejarah :)

Moga berpanjangan hidup bersama dan sentiasa mendapat rahmat-Nya.

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