Muffins or Peanuts?

"Excuse me, muffins or peanuts?" asked the stewardess.

"Mau fried rice ada ka?" answered the auntie seated two rows behind me. Her traveling companions broke into laughters.

That was when we were served with our second refreshments in the same flight. Well who could blame them for (jokingly) expecting to be served with lunch. We were supposed to have landed in Subang by noon.

Ha ha's a good way to laugh off the delay that all of us boarding FFly flight from Penang to Subang had to endure.

We took off at about 11:40am from Bayan Lepas airport and after refreshmentst have been served, the flight captain announced that we had to divert back to Penang because there was another flight was stranded on the runaway in Subang.

The journey was resumed at about 1:20pm.

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