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ORIGINAL POSTING @12:40PM - I have to get airtickets to go back to KBR for the coming hari raya. Bookings have been made and I must pay and get the tickets issued by noon today otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.

Since it is not internet bookings, tickets could only be issued at MAS ticketing office. There are only 3 MAS ticketing offices in KL. Two are located at KLIA, and one at KL Sentral.

I had to rush from conference venue at Nikko Hotel and managed to reach KL Sentral at almost noon - only to be told that the system was down.

And it still is, as of now.

Luckily managed to ask the airlines to hold the tickets until 5PM today.

But I am not sure how long I will be right here at KL Sentral, waiting....

UPDATED 3:40PM - I was ready to leave when the automatic que calling board suddenly lit up again at about 1.45PM. Waited for another 30 mins before being attended and got everything done.

Ha ha surprise surprise!! Forgot that my first born is already 12 years old. So when the girl at the counter tried to reconfirm my booking, "Three adults, 4 children and 1 infant..." my immediate response was, "No, only two adults".

Sorry la sayang, Baba lupa. Kak Long dah buat I/C.

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Justiffa said…
Ekekekeh.. baba, baba, camane la bole lupa ;p

Penantian mmg satu penyiksaan, the guy who coined that sure as hell knew what he was talking about. but glad u got it all settled anyways. bab balik raya ni mmg bole trus migraine. akak raya shah alam je (both our moms dah angkut kat sini) so bole la skip that balik kg part (tp sedey gak sbb xde kampung).
Akak RK: seriously, baba memang lupa! We will still go back to Kelantan every raya. Let the kids run riot with their cousins while their baba do some catching up with the siblings.
Bunga Rampai said…
Cepatnya masa berlalu kan? Sampai boleh lupa umur anak. Well, Kak Long ... itu tanda-tanda Baba semakin matang tapi belum tua lagi :P

Yang di tunggu dah tiba - Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah.

Salam Ramadhan kepada OSH sekeluarga. Mudah-mudahan segala ibadah Ramadhan dikurniakan sebaik berkat dariNya.

Selamat berpuasa.
CikRampai: he heh he...terima kasih atas ingatan. Salam Ramadhan penuh keberkatan kepada CikRampai dan keluarga. Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa.

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