Under the Dome

For the last two weeks, the Treasury office at the Ministry of Finance was like my second office. I would be there from morning for meeting (long ardous and boring meeting, I must add) that would ended well after maghrib. Even Sunday was not spared.

After the meeting, I would usually go back to office to attend to consequential updates of documents or providing comments on new documents received from external legal counsel from different part of the globe working in different time zones. It's really really hectic. Hope the deal will be completed according to the timeline, as I really really need a breather.

This picture was taken when I went to Putrajaya mosque for friday prayer last week. I just discovered that there was a walking path underneath the bridge from the Ministry of Finance to the mosque. I could walk straight up to the Souq and then to the mosque.

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I have never been INSIDE the mosque. Usually we would lunch just at the food court adjacent to the mosque. Nama dia pun dah tak ingat lagi. Must make a mental note to visit it the next time I go home.

Thanks for sharing.
Ailin: this is masjid putra @ putrajaya. There is bazaar @ Souq near the mosque.

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