For the record, today is Kak Long's 12th birthday. Alahai cepatnya masa first born dah nak ambik UPSR dah hujung tahun ni.

Next week on the 3rd of March, it's Kak Ngah's turn to celebrate her 11th birthday.

The kids were happy as their Atok and Nenek had called and informed that their birthday presents have been bought. Atok and Nenek will probably drive up to KL this weekend.

To add to the kids' excitement, their cousins from Surabaya will be arriving this evening and will be putting up with us during the weekend. So might as well celebrate their uncle's birthday that will fall on this coming Sunday.

Yess,...looking forward to the extended weekend with the kids and nephews (and some outstanding works in between).

Praise be to Allah.


~akuni~ said…
Happy belated birthday to all of you!!!

p/s eh, sapa yg birthday bulan sept tu?
pB said…
kejab jer
dah besauuuuu ...

pas ni pening hal lain pulak
Maryam Chin said…
sedar tak sedar, anak sulung saya 17 tahun ni...siap berkumis lagi
Justiffa said…
Belated birthday wishes to both ur Along & Angah.. hope they had fun. time sure flies doesnt it? sulung akak tu pun will be 25 end of march ni. hopefully, akak bole fikir psl timang cucu plak nanti heheheh :D

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