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I am currently at the Coffee Bean somewhere near 1 Borneo complex in Kota Kinabalu. Been here for since Wednesday. My flight back to KL is at 3.30PM. So I have a lot of time 'to kill'.

The fourth instalment of the national symposium on Islamic banking for the state of Sabah was concluded yesterday. We still have two more stops to go - in Trengganu for east coast region and in Kuching. Unlike the earlier three events that were held in Penang, KL and JB, this time the symposium in KK was conducted in 2 days instead of one day. The organiser felt that we need to give more exposure to the bankers and lawyers in Sabah on the basics of Islamic banking both from Shariah and legal perspectives. I presented two papers at the symposium - one each per day.

It may be a bit tiring, but I am glad to see the enthusiasm in the face of the participants during the 2 day event. I would say they were genuinely interested to learn and gain more knowledge on the subject. I could feel that during the coffee breaks when some of the participants approached me and made further enquiries about the subject. It's fulfilling and satisfying when they thank you for making them understand the subject matter better. Mission accomplished, I guess.

I don't plan to go shopping at the famous 'pasar philipines'. My wife dah cakap tak payah. Mutiara yang beli tahun lepas pun dia jarang pakai. But still, it doesn't mean I will travelling back empty handed.

I already have two additional boxes containing the famous udang harimau and dried/salted fish/sotong etc. to bring back courtesy of an old friend whom I met at the symposium. He was my junior at law school in IIU. This is the first time I met him after I graduated about .... 15 years ago.

I am happy to note that some of my friends from IIU are doing okay in their legal practices here. If not for IIU grads, there would not be that many malay lawyers practicing law in Sabah.


Justiffa said…
Salam OS. i havent been here in a while and look at you... you're running races now (ke mmg dok lari tp moi je tak prasan ek?). neways, congrats and who knows, b4 long there'll be a post here about a half mara pulak?

Go OS go.. tp kena pi beli kasut baru la dulu heheheh ;)
Sis RK, thanks. Honestly I was inspired (and felt challenged) by you!

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