By Election Latest Updates

I sent SMS to a friend in one of the northern states asking for any updates on the by-elections that have just concluded a short while ago. This friend of mine is known to be a supporter of parti bulan.

Me @18.00 : Salam, any latest updates on dua bukit satu btg (sungai)?

Him @ 18.03 : Batang i bn tgh leading. Gantang x tau dan selambau x tau. Yg penting kita punya batang stabil dan kukuh. 2 bukit masih maintain

I would rather not re-produce the next few exchanges of SMS between us. Suffice to say, they're hilarious!


Bunga Rampai said…
Kena ketawa jugak ... hahahaha! Ooopss...

Salam :)

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