Yes, this is a long overdue update.

In fact I didn't plan to put up any new entry until Hari Raya Haji. I did have that plan. Malas, penat dan berbagai lagi alasan. My mind is to bogged down and occupied with works that I didn't even want to try to string a sentence. So I planned that I will wish you all selamat hari raya haji before the weekend comes.

My life has turned upside down with works and crazy deadlines. Nothing new. There are few big important assignments that I am currently working on concurrently. Talking about prioritising my works, I even now have new categories for deadlines; tight deadline, crazy deadline and DROP DEAD deadline.

I didn't have the time to reply to the special request from Ayoh Keng on his entry on Riba. Heh he heh....Ayoh Keng even called to remind me to reply to his entry and to update my blog.

The truth is.....and you have heard this before, I am too busy with my works. It's a good thing that when other people are complaining about stiff competition and difficulty of getting works, I still managed to secure works that would keep me busy till year end (which means, no chance for me to take leave). The problem is further compounded by the fact that I have less number of assistants. One of my lawyer is on maternity leave and another one took two months sabbatical to follow her husband for a training stint overseas. Both will only be back may be after Christmas.

But what prompted me to make this entry is what had happened to me early this morning. As usual I woke up at about five to ten minutes after 5 in the morning. I checked my phone for the time and I saw 3 missed calls from my boss, my managing partner at 5.00AM, 4.54AM and 4.49AM. It must be something really important. I was thinking of something worst....someone that we know died or met an accident or something. Then I realised that there was an SMS from him at 4.55AM.

The message read, "U called?"

Aiiik?! Bila pulak aku call dia? Pagi pagi buta ni?

At first I thought may be he just realised any of my missed calls made earlier in the day. You know, sometimes telephone operator sent missed call notice many many hours after the actual call.

To my horror, I checked my call log and discovered that I DID made the call to him, not once but TWICE! The calls to my boss' hp were made at 4.44AM and 4.49AM respectively!.

Heran bin Ajaib!

How could that be? I was asleep at that time. And there is no way my kids could have meddled with the phone because they were all asleep when I came back from office at about midnite. So who could have made those calls?

I was undecided whether or not I should call my boss to explain that there was nothing urgent or emergency about my calls. But how on earth to explain to him that I didn't make those calls?. I just could not figure out how those calls could have been made in the first place. I slept at the family area in front of the TV last night. And my handphone was next to me. I couldn't have, you know, tergolek on the phone and dialled my boss' hp no. The phone was keypad lock to protect from such instances.

So I thought I should just wait unless morning to call my boss and explained.

This morning, my boss called me while I was having breakfast. And I admitted those calls were made from my handphone and apologised that I just couldn't explain how the calls could have been made. True enough, he too was worried that something bad might have befallen on me or my family when he saw missed calls from me.

I said to my boss, if there is such thing as sleepwalking, then this could be the case of sleepdialing!.


McBudu said…
Sleepdialing, a new phenomena associate to those who fell in love with a telephone!.
Ku Keng said…
Don't worry about his calls.

Used to call him many time and was not returned.

Ha ha.

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