What to do?

Much have been said about the increase in the price of petrol and diesel as announced by the Government last week. So effectively from the midnite of the 5th June 2008 the price of petrol was increased by RM0.78 or 40.6% from RM1.92 per litre to RM2.70 per litre.

And for diesel, the increase was RM1.00 or a jump of 63.3% from RM1.58 to RM2.58 per litre.

I used to take pride of my decision to use diesel powered vehicle and have been telling my friends that I save 34 cents per litre on diesel compared to petrol. Now no more. The difference is only 12 cents!.

I usually fill up my tank for RM50.00 and I only refill once the (empty) fuel indicator started blinking. In normal circumstances RM50.00 of diesel is good enough for a week of driving from home - office - home and the necessary traveling for meetings (which could be 2 -3 meetings per day) within the city. RM50.00 of diesel could safely give me between 280km - 340km of traveling distance depending on my traveling patterns.

So imagine for the same amount of RM50.00, I get 63% less of diesel?

Two days ago (Monday), obviously the first thing I noticed when I filled up the tank for the first time after the new price increase was the fuel indicator. What used to be between slightly above the middle (half full) bar, now with the new price, for RM50.00, the indicator pointed only somewhere between the first bar and the half full bar.

Sigh..........63% less mind you. And I am still monitoring how far could I travel. From the look of it, I may need to refill by the end of tomorrow.

What to do?


-akuni- said…

Well.... x tau nak komen apa...
McBudu said…
Now people ask me to switch to NGV, but on second thought, just as you pointed out, before we could realize the savings, they will increase the NGV price!
CikAHNI: yes life goes on and we continue to suffer?

Bro McB: all we ask for is a GOOD government; does not matter who governs!

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