It has been quite a while since my last entry.

To dearest friends and kind visitors (may be six or seven of you - the most), I owe you an apology.

An unfortunate event had happened in the morning of Saturday before last, another big ujian to me and family. Need time to settle down and gather the strength to bring things back to normal again.

In the meantime, I need to spend more time with beloved family. Hope will be back soon.


UglyButAdorable said…
it's about time bro!!! ingat dah luper nak blog. anyway whatever it is you're going thru at the moment, I sincerely hope the best for you and your family..insya allah
anggerik merah said…
May everything goes well with you & family. All of us being tested by HIM for different reasons. Banyak bersabar. It is important to stick together and go through the test.

Take care too..:-)
Adorable - apologies. Macam mare nampak? :). Thanks for the doa.

AnggerikMerah - there are things that we could and should work it out ourselves, the rest have to tawakkal to HIM and HIM alone. Thanks.
wan said…
Sabar ek Hero. Allah tak uji hambaNya kalau Dia x sayang kita dan Dia x beri ujian yg x mampu kita tanggung.

Ada hikmah di sebalik itu. :D
~ahni~ said…
Semoga tabah menghadapi apa saja ujian yang Allah berikan ke atas family anda.

Take care!
Wan -very true inded. Thanks

AHNI - thank you very much.
Kak Teh said…
OSH - I hope that things will turn out well for you and be strong.Insyaallah!
Kak Teh - thanks. InsyaAllah.
MA said…
Usaha, doa dan tawakkal.

Insya Allah Tuhan bersama orang yang sabar.

Hope you will overcome the adversity.

Good luck.
Jiwa Rasa said…
May Allah be with you...
Mak Andeh - Thanks. InsyaAllah will come out fine.

Bro. Jiwa - Thanks.
bunga rampai said…
Semoga hari-hari yang dilalui dalam tenang dan sabar. Doa saya moga anda sekeluarga sentiasa dilindungiNya.

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